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​Who I am as a wedding photographer.  Hard working, creative, talented these are some of the words that are used to describe my wedding photography style, and that is just from me, you should here what the brides have to say.

Here is what my Saturday Bride wrote me on Sunday 

"I dont even know were to begin... I can't thank you enough for everything you did and helped with. You were more than a photographer for us for our wedding. You went above and beyond what I ever imagined a photographer would do. Thanks again!! You will see an awesome review from us here soon. have a great day and can't wait to see all of our beautiful photos." 

​You can read other reviews on my wedding brochure, my wedding package information is also on the wedding brochure.  All three of the packages offer all day photography not limited by any set hours.


I believe you should know some history concerning my photography career/education and knowledge, more so than if I like coffee/tea or craft beers.

I started working professionally in photography in 1974, learning posing and lighting from two extremely talented photographers. I also worked in the production of the finished prints.

Over the years the more knowledge I've gained in photography has allowed me to be more creative and take what I see in my mind and have it end up on a wall or in an album for everyone to see.  I always want to work for the final product, if the quality isn't good enough to end up being printed than what is the purpose of taking the photograph.

I won't put myself into a box by stating I am this or that as far as my style of photography is, I don't just use one type of lens, or only use natural light or only use a flash, if I limit what I know or what I do I also limit the beauty and impact of your wedding photos. I use what ever is available to me, my knowledge and my camera equipment to get the best image possible in each situation. I bring 4 camera bodies, 11 lens and various strobes and flashes to all the weddings I photograph.

Weddings have so many variables throughout the day that it can't all be photographed the same, each location is different, every wedding couple and party are different. 

I personally want something new something different at each wedding I photograph even if it is a location I have been at 50 times, I want to create something new there.

My question to you is do you really want to leave your wedding photos to chance, to someone with a nice camera, to someone who doesn't really understand what a good photograph is let alone a great one.

Just some ramblings of a photographer that takes the understanding and execution of his craft very seriously.

Thank you


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